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Are you on a tight budget?  Do you need t-shirts printed fast?  Do you only need a ‘few’ shirts?  Then Direct-to-Garment (DTG) digital printing is for YOU!  No minimums, no setups, no screens, unlimited full color printing and very fast turnaround.  (We have had shirts printed for customers within 30 minutes of when their order was placed; now that’s FAST!)  Think of DTG printing as a larger, more complicated version of your inkjet printer at home, made specifically for apparel instead of paper. It uses the latest drop-on-demand inkjet printing technology and garment handling system, specifically designed for garment printing. It prints directly on garments using a high speed print heads with 1,440 nozzles. Using variable ink drop size, the print head can jet large and small volume ink drops at ultra high speed suitable for the specific textile material being printed.

The ink is water-based, producing a soft ‘non-plasticky’ feel. In the past there was ink jet printing method which prints images on transfer paper, which then was transferred to garments with a heat press. This is called heat transfer or iron-on. As opposed to heat transfer or iron-on, our DTG printer prints by jetting multi-color inks directly on garments. We do heat press the garment after the printing, to ‘seal the deal’ for washability. DTG can print on almost anything cotton, 50/50 blends and some 100% polyesters. This includes but is not limited to hoodies, jackets, tote bags, towels, aprons, drink coasters and more. The ink is water-based, penetrating the fabric, giving it awesome washability. It will not peel or crack like silkscreen or heat transfer prints. Our DTG prints are full color, with the capability to print photos, small details, and shading in over 16 million colors. Even dark shirts are okay, as our printer uses WHITE ink along with the CYMK.

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